The Danish Agricultural Agency has authorised and registered a number of buyers, auctions or other entities or persons which are responsible for first sale of fishery products with an annual financial turnover of such products in excess of €400,000.

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List of registered auctions or other entities

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The list is published according to Council Regulation (EC) No 1224/2009 of 20. November 2009 establishing a Community control system for ensuring compliance with the rules of the common fisheries policy, amending Regulations (EC) No 847/96, (EC) No 2371/2002, (EC) No 811/2004, (EC) No 768/2005, (EC) No 2115/2005, (EC) No 2166/2005, (EC) No 388/2006, (EC) No 509/2007, (EC) No 676/2007, (EC) No 1098/2007, (EC) No 1300/2008, (EC) No 1342/2008 and repealing Regulations (EEC) No 2847/93, (EC) No 1627/94 and (EC) No 1966/2006