Fishing is an important industry in Denmark. There are about 2,700 fishing vessels, crewed by approximately 1,900. There are about 8,000 people employed in the fishing industry as a whole.

The total annual catch value is approximately DKK 3.0 billion (€ 0.4 billion). The value of exported fishery products (incl. products based on imported raw material) is DKK 20.5 billion (€ 2.7 billion).

Information about commercial fisheries

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The information on these pages is focused on the Danish fishing trade and fishermen. The major topics are: 

  • Regulation of fishing activities. Including updated information on species regulations.
  • Inspection. Including descriptions of the differing kinds of inspection elements and procedures depending on the method of fishing.
  • Requirements. There are certain demands on the fishing vessel, the fishermen and to the first buyer of the fish.
  • Committee for Commercial Fisheries. The committee with representatives from the fishing trade and industry gives advice on regulation, inspection and other relevant issues.