Below, you will find information for fishermen from other countries in accordance with EU Legislation, and the national implementation of this legislation.

Information overview

Designated ports in Denmark

Denmark has a number of designated ports.

Report prior notification before landing in Denmark

Foreign vessels wishing to use landing locations in Denmark shall give prior notification according to the detailed rules for this. Change of catch area should also be notified.

Prior notifications shall be given to The Danish Fisheries Monitoring Centre which operates a 24 hour service using the details below:

Contact the Danish Fisheries Monitoring Centre (24 hours service)

Tel. +45 7218 5609
Fax +45 3345 5894

The Danish Fishing Monitoring Center (FMC) is placed in Esbjerg. The tasks in FMC is risk analysis, risk assessments, inspection statistics, inspection campaigns, real time monitoring (24/7), services for the fishermen and administrative IUU-inspection.

Submissions of logbooks and landing declarations

Masters of fishing vessels shall submit of forward log-sheets, transshipment declarations and landing declarations to the regional Danish inspectorate inside which the port of landing is situated, according to the list below.

  • For landings into the ports of Bornholm, information shall be submitted to Inspectorate East, Nexø Office.

  • For landings into ports of Jutland adjacent to the Baltic Sea, Fyn and Sjælland, information shall be submitted to Inspectorate East, Roskilde Office.


Address of regional inspectorates

Inspectorate West

Esbjerg Office

Auktionsgade 9

6700 Esbjerg

Inspectorate West

Nykøbing Mors Office

H. C. Ørstedsvej 2

7900 Nykøbing Mors

Inspectorate West

Frederikshavn Office

Sandholm 10

Postboks 63

9900 Frederikshavn

Inspectorate East

Roskilde Office

Langebjergvænget 11

4000 Roskilde

Inspectorate East

Rønne Office

Almegårds Kaserne

Bygning 26

3700 Rønne