Shellfish fishery, after i.e. blue mussels and European oyster, in Danish waters is subject to a number of requirements to ensure that the fishing activity complies with the EU environmental directives (Habitats Directive and Wild Birds Directives). In June 2013, the Danish Mussel Policy was adopted. Fishing for blue mussels is managed according to the Mussel Policy.

Here you can read the Danish Mussel Policy (in Danish)

The Danish Mussel Policy contains specific requirements for the protection of eelgrass, reefs (stone reefs and biogenic reefs) and other marine habitats and species. Furthermore, the number of fishing vessel that may carry out fishing activity simultaneously in an area is also restricted. All vessels are obliged to use a black box system to register their fishing activity.

Depending on whether fishery is conducted inside or outside a Natura 2000 area, special rules apply.