Fishery statistics

In the menu on your left, you will find an overview of the available fishery statistics categorised by subject. Within the different categories a range of predefined tables can be accessed.

Unfortunately, our dynamic report making tools are not yet available in an English version. Hence, these tools can only be accessed through the Danish version of this site.

Quota statistics

The European Union’s common fisheries policy (CFP) forms the basic framework of Danish fisheries. Read more about quota statistics on this page.

External trade statistics

The statistics of external trade are based on data from Statistic Denmarks database of statistics concerning Danish exports- and imports. Read more about external trade statistics on this page.

Aquaculture statistics

In 2002, The Danish Agricultural Agency established a register for the Danish aquaculture sector. Find out more about the register and the aquaculture statistics of Denmark on these pages.

Employment statistics

The employment statistics is based on the Register based-labour force statistics (RAS) from Statistics Denmark 2000-2006. Read more about the employment statistics of Denmark on this page.

Age statistics

The aging statistics are based on CPR (Social Security Number) information on persons registered in The Danish Agricultural Agency register. Find out more on age statistics on this page.


The Yearbook of Fishery Statistics is available in English, whereas the publications: "Fishery Gross Income" and "External Trade Tables" including "Resume of External Trade" are only published in Danish. Find out more on this page.

Fishery statistics by other countries

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